Kalkian personalities

"Subjective rationalism is the basis for Kalkian personalities. Let us understand by “Kalkian personalities” those pseudo-esotericist, pseudo-occultist, and pseudo-scientist people from this modern epoch, along with all of their know-it-all types of foolishness. Never has there been as much darkness as there is in this epoch of Kali Yuga." - Samael Aun Weor, Cosmic Ships

Quote of the Moment

"The one who gazes at a beautiful sunset and compares it with another does not really know how to comprehend the beauty that he has before his eyes. The one who gazes at a beautiful mountain and compares it with another that he saw yesterday is not really comprehending the beauty of the mountain that he has before his eyes. True love does not exist where there is comparison. A father and a mother who really love their children will never compare them with anyone; they will simply love them, and that is all. A husband who loves his wife never makes the mistake of comparing her with anyone else; he loves her, and that is all."

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