Kalkian personalities

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"Subjective rationalism is the basis for Kalkian personalities. Let us understand by “Kalkian personalities” those pseudo-esotericist, pseudo-occultist, and pseudo-scientist people from this modern epoch, along with all of their know-it-all types of foolishness. Never has there been as much darkness as there is in this epoch of Kali Yuga." - Samael Aun Weor, Cosmic Ships

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"The Savior said, “There is no sin (independently in nature), but it is you who make sin when you do the things that are like the nature of adultery (because every action has a consequence, especially relating to sex), which is called sin (karma). That is why the Good (Law) came into your midst, to the essence of every nature in order to restore it to its root (to make sure what is owed is paid; the Law must be fulfilled)." Then He continued and said, “That is why you become sick (psychologically) and die (spiritually), for you are deprived (due to fornication) of the one who can heal you (the Divine Mother Kundalini, who can heal you if you save your sexual forces and renounce animal behaviors, thereby returning into compliance with the commandment: Thou Shalt Not Fornicate). He who has a (solar) mind to understand (intuitively), let him understand.”"

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