"An unusual event is going to accelerate the process of swift change to the axis of the planet Earth. I am referring to the planet Hercolubus. This planet is six times bigger than the planet Jupiter. The planet Hercolubus belongs to the distant solar system of Tylo. The solar system of Tylo is rapidly approaching our solar system, and Hercolubus is rapidly approaching Earth. Modern Astronomers have before their sight the planet Hercolubus, or as it is known by modern science, the Barnard star. This planet is a powerful giant that will pass through an angle of our solar system. When this happens, the revolution of the axis of the planet Earth will accelerate violently. Then the final catastrophe will occur. Some scientists believe that they will be able to push this monstrous planet away with nuclear explosions, but this will be useless. It will be impossible to push this tremendous mass of a planet out of the way with mere nuclear bombs. This same planet brought Atlantis to an end. Before Atlantis existed, it annihilated the existence of another continent. We know very well that the continent of Mu or Lemuria sank within the waters of the boisterous pacific ocean after 10,000 years of earthquakes and incessant volcanic eruptions." - Samael Aun Weor, The Aquarian Message

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"In the public circle there are thousands of schools, books, sects, contradictions, theories, etc., a labyrinth which only the strongest leave. Really, all of those schools are useful. We find grains of truth in all of them. All religions are holy and divine, all of them are necessary. Nevertheless, the secret path is only found by the strongest. Infrasexual people mortally hate this path. They feel more perfect than the Third Logos. These people will never be able to find the secret path, the path of the razor's edge. The secret path is sex. Through this straight, narrow, and difficult path we reach the esoteric circle, the sanctum regnum Dei, magis regnum."

- Samael Aun Weor, The Perfect Matrimony

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