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"Cagliostro was a disciple of Count Saint Germain. Cagliostro was an alchemist; he transmuted the lead into gold and made genuine diamonds. This Master was known in the distinct places of the world, under different names in different countries. He was known with the following names: Tis-chio, Milissa, Belonte, DÌanna, Fenix, Pellegrini, Balsamo, Mesmer, Harut and Cagliostro. This famous historical lineage was recorded by Alexandre Dumas in his work entitled, The Queens Necklace. Cagliostro had many Alchemist disciples in Strasbourg. He was judged and persecuted by the Inquisition, sent into the bastille and later into the fortress of Leone. The Inquisition condemned him to death, but the enigmatic and powerful Count Cagliostro mysteriously disappeared from the prison. Death could not do anything to Cagliostro." - Samael Aun Weor, The Aquarian Message

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Quote of the Moment

"There are some little Gnostic brothers and sisters who, when discovering this or that defect in themselves, begin with their mind, as we will say, their theoretical mind, to make up speculations. This is very grave because — as I already said and I repeat again in this moment — speculations of the merely subjective mind forcibly dump themselves into the field of utopianism; this is obvious. Therefore, if an error is what we want to understand, then mere subjective speculations must be eliminated, and in order for them to be eliminated, it is necessary to have been directly observing the error. Only like this, through the means of correct observation, is it possible to correct the tendency towards speculation."

- Samael Aun Weor, Elimination of Satan's Tail

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