This glossary provides definitions, etymologies, and meanings of select words from all forms of science, philosophy, religion, and art from every major tradition in the world, and therefore embrace the whole of human experience.

We drink deeply from the world's great treasure of language and mystical expression, and take full advantage of the power of words. We know that what cannot be expressed accurately in one language may find its perfect meaning in another tongue. Therefore, we provide this glossary so that you may understand with precision the words that we use.


Quote of the Moment

"One of the misconceptions that people have about spirituality is that all spiritually is essentially the same and leads to the same place. This is an illusion propagated by the ego; it is a bold lie. It is the same as saying all maps lead to the same place, when clearly they do not. A map is specific; it can only lead to the place it illustrates. Religions are exactly the same. If a religion is incomplete or flawed, it will lead you nowhere. If you have never been to the place you want to go, you will have no idea that the map is wrong. If you have never seen God face to face, how can you know that your chosen spirituality will lead you to that experience? Are you willing to risk your soul on a theory or interpretation invented by modern people? Wouldn't it be better to rely on a teaching that can be proven through your own experience?"

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