This glossary provides definitions, etymologies, and meanings of select words from all forms of science, philosophy, religion, and art from every major tradition in the world, and therefore embrace the whole of human experience.

We drink deeply from the world's great treasure of language and mystical expression, and take full advantage of the power of words. We know that what cannot be expressed accurately in one language may find its perfect meaning in another tongue. Therefore, we provide this glossary so that you may understand with precision the words that we use.


Quote of the Moment

"The best weapon that a human being can use in life is a correct psychological state. One can disarm beasts and unmask traitors by means of appropriate internal states. Wrong internal states convert us into defenseless victims of human perversity. You must learn to face the most unpleasant events of practical life with an appropriate internal uprightness... You must not become identified with any event. Remember that everything passes away. You must learn to look at life like a movie; thus, you shall receive the benefits..."

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