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The Cult of Personality?

One of the main attractions of Gnosis for me was the level of anonymity and even Master Samael himself states that the cult of personality poisons the soul or words to that effect.

I have noticed the many different splinter groups not just within Gnosticism but all religions. There is no religion that is free from dissenters or splinter groups - Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Judaism, Gnosticism etc.

It seems that as soon as 'Truth' becomes a thing or a movement it is subject to interpretation and subsequently dissent.

How does the personality of Master Samael Aun Weor fit in with this philosophy that the personality is anathema to the 'Truth'?
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    Sunday, August 25 2013, 12:45 PM - #permalink
    When I, Samael Aun Weor, affirm that we must have a strong and potent “I” and a powerful and robust personality, I am not addressing the egotistical personality, nor to the Animal “I”... I am addressing only our Divine “Individuality” and our gigantic personality formed by all the beings of the Infinite.

    Atman [as multiple infinite perfect personality – Ruach Elohim] thunders and flashes in all the infinite spaces and manifests Himself with potency, through his Arhats.

    Atman, the Ineffable One has no weaknesses. He [as multiple infinite perfect personality – Ruach Elohim] expresses himself with power and majesty, through his prophets.

    Our “I” [as multiple infinite perfect personality – Ruach Elohim] is universal and all the bodies of all the living beings are the bodies of our Internal and Divine “I.”

    When we have spoken of a strong and powerful personality, many have not understood what the [Divine] personality within the [infinite] impersonality is. Thus, they have fallen into the horrible heresy of separatism.

    Brethren of mine, do not let yourselves be guided by the egotistical personality of your Mental Body, nor by your animal intellect.

    You must listen only to the Innermost who resides in the heart. You must learn to hear the voice of the silence.

    When we speak of a Universal “I,” we do not fall into the absurdity of Annie Besant who forgot the individuality of the Innermost.
    We recognize the [Divine] individuality within the unity of life, and although we know that the drop sinks into the ocean, we also know that the ocean sinks into the drop.

    Atman is one who expresses Himself as many. The ardent sea of life, free in its movement, has many flames. However, all the flames, when joined, form the sea of ardent fire... the world of the mist of fire. The Innermost is individual and universal at the same time.

    I am the flame [Eheieh is the flame] that burns in each human heart, as it burns in each grain and in the nucleus of each star.
    I am [Eheieh is] the tree, the stone, the bird, the man, the light, the bread and the wine.


    Masters who do not dissolve the lunar Ego become Hasnamussen. A Hasnamuss is a subject with a double center of gravity.

    The Master garbed with his Solar Bodies, and the lunar ego garbed with its lunar vehicles, constitute a double personality, a Hasnamuss. The Hasnamuss is one half Angel, and one half beast, like the centaur of Sagittarius.

    The Hasnamuss has two inner personalities, one of an angel, and the other of a demon. The Hasnamuss is an abortion of the Cosmic Mother, a failure. If the Gnostic student dissolves the Lunar ego before the Second Birth, he is completely cured, he solves his problem ahead of time, and secures his success.

    Whosoever invokes Andrameleck in the internal worlds will have the most tremendous surprise, because either the demon Andrameleck or Andrameleck, the Master of the White Lodge, can attend. This person is a Hasnamuss with a double center of gravity.

    The dissolution of the Lunar ego is fundamental in the Great Work. Those who attain the Second Birth feel the necessity of eliminating the lunar bodies, but this is not possible without first having dissolved the lunar ego.

    The Twice-born become stagnant in their inner progress when they lack Love. Everyone who forgets his Divine Mother becomes stagnant in his progress. A lack of Love exists when we commit the error of forgetting our Divine Mother.

    It is impossible to eliminate all those small “I’s” that constitute the lunar ego without the help of the Divine Mother.

    The comprehension of any defect is fundamental, indispensable, when one wants to eliminate the small “I” that personifies it, but the work of elimination in itself is impossible without the help of the sacred, five-legged Cow.

    The Divine Mother eliminates broken bottles. Each small “I” is a bottle within which a fraction of the Essence is engrossed.
    This means that the Essence, the Buddhata, the Soul or fraction of the Human Soul that every intellectual animal has, has become thousands of fragments, which are bottled up…..

    It is lamentable that Hasnamussen are adored by certain Muslims and Brahmins [and "Gnostics"].

    Hanasmussen have two personalities: one angelic, and the other diabolic. It is clear that the Solar, Angelic Personality of a Hasnamuss never comes to instruct any candidate to Initiation without first telling him the following with total frankness:

    Be careful, within us lies temptation, which can convert you into an unfaithful one.

    The Solar Personality of every Marut or Turam Hasnamuss knows very well that it possesses another Lunar, diabolic, tenebrous personality, which is capable of leading the candidate for Initiation astray. – Samael Aun Weor
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    Monday, August 26 2013, 10:32 AM - #permalink
    Thank you.
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