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Mineral Elementals


I have a question about the physical body of the Mineral Elementals. We know that the physical body of a vegetal elemental is a plant. But what is the physical body of a Mineral Elemental? If it would be a rock then what would happen if you would split the rock? If it would be a mountain, where would it begin, where would it end. This is unclear to me...

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Sunday, April 22 2012, 04:04 PM - #permalink
Imagining all physical beings arranged by populations and relative level of individual mind, we would see the minerals at the bottom, plants above them, animals above them, and finally the intellectual animals at the "top." (so to speak)

This visual implies that there are many more minerals than any other physical bodies, and also that they have the least individuality.

We know that amongst humanoids the sense of individuality is most pronounced (even though it is illusory until the Soul is created). Intellectual animals are still part of a collective mind.

The collective mind of animals is readily visible in herds, flocks, schools, etc. Only in the highest forms of animals does the death of a single individual have a strong impact on the whole, because there are fewer of those animals.

The collective mind of plants is also visible; many "plants" are just parts of "one creature." The death of a single individual rarely has any impact on the whole.

Thus, we see the collective mind or multiplicity increases as we also increase the density of population.

There is no "individual" mineral. We do find some hint of towards separation or individualization in diamonds, other gems, crystals, etc., but they still are just tiny bodies of a collective mind. Therefore minerals are the least individualized, and most collective.

A collective mind utilizes multiple physical bodies to expresses itself as it evolves towards individualization. The physical bodies are highly disposable and not very important individually, since the mind itself will just express through new bodies. This is visible in the seasonal growth of plants: they drop leaves and grow new ones. We see that also from the internal worlds to the external: the <a href="/faqs/psychology/1720-what-is-consciousness.html" title="Consciousness is the basis of perception" target="_parent" >consciousness</a> drops bodies and grows new ones.

Thus, from the point of view of the evolving <a href="/faqs/psychology/1720-what-is-consciousness.html" title="Consciousness is the basis of perception" target="_parent" >consciousness</a>, there is no "rock" or "mountain."

Individual bodies become more important the closer the <a href="/faqs/psychology/1720-what-is-consciousness.html" title="Consciousness is the basis of perception" target="_parent" >consciousness</a> comes to actually reaching individualization: in a humanoid body. But again, the body is only important if the soul is being made. If the soul is not being created, then the physical bodies are as valuable as the leaves of a tree.

Finally, remember that all of these elementals have their center of gravity in the consciousness, not physicality. To them, the physical body is seen and considered in the same way we look at our clothing.

We, who are asleep and corrupted, do not have our center of gravity in the consciousness, but in physicality (desire for sensation) thus we very inaccurately perceive the physical body and its relative importance.
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    Friday, April 27 2012, 02:39 PM - #permalink
    Thank you. It's clear to me now! :)

    Could it be that the human collective mind is based on the mutual desires (egos) that we have? The expression of all our defects is materialized in our culture not because of one single, evil mind but created mutually by the power of all our defects collectively and when we seek to individualize we normally get attacked by those who consciously defend their negative values and move the collective mind to their interests because we stop feeding to the collective, subjective mind to form an individual mind that is opposed to such values. Also a single individual mind is much more powerful than the collective mind because if it wouldn't be that way one single mind individualizing wouldn't matter that much. Wouldn't then the attack not be based on the single withdrawal of the collective mind and a tiny loss of power but moreso on the possible evolution into a individual mind and a great danger?

    Am I right to state that our collective mind is based on the ego because we are mainly ego?

    Then the collective mind also makes clear the difference between the Lemurian humanity before the fall and a Self-Realized Master. The Lemurian Human was in full contact with his Inner Divinity but still ruled by a (positive) collective mind. That's why we could speak about Adam as the collective mind of humanity and divinity ruling him/them. And even the Elemental Buddhas could be drawn againt Self-Realized Masters differing because of collective mind and individual mind.

    Am I rambling now or do my conclusions somewhat make sense?
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