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<p>I find it easier to do the methodless method for meditation. I have difficulty observing a given defect, though I have many and this may be the problem.When I have selected a defect to meditate on, how do i go about doing that exactly?</p>
<p>Now, I understand that we have to concentrate on the defect and remain in equanimity. However, I am confused about the process itself.</p>
<p> For example: lust.. Should I bring the sensation of lust  to my physical body and emotional and mental body and observe it there and the reactions of the three brain?  If so, should these be observed simultaneously? Or one at a time?Or should I bring up an event of lust I experienced during the day, and play it back like a movie and observe how my 3 brains reacted?</p>
<p>For example: Let's say I saw a beautiful woman and in the moment of seeing here, I felt the need to look again, to do a double take. And I felt the desire of posessing her and then after noticed I couldnt stop thinking of her.... So, in this case I could see my emotional need to look, like seeking romance and wanting to posess her. And my physical reaction by doing the double take and feeling the desire to look and my mental reaction would be the whole thought process involved.. Should I comprehend all those by themselves?Or should I, at the beginning of the meditation, just bring lust to the surface and think about it and than release it and observe my mind...?</p>
<p>I find that this confusion prevents me from doing this meditation and I am disgusted with "myself". I also have serious problems with anger and frustration...Subtle and  slick pride and laziness.. I can go on..</p>
<p>Sorry for the long winded question... <strong>you guys are the best.</strong></p>
<p>I truly appreciate your help with in this matter.</p>
<p>Thank You</p>

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Thursday, March 01 2012, 01:33 PM - #permalink
Comprehension is an organic and dynamic process. To speak in a Zen way, we cannot really determine where we are going in our meditation, because when comprehension hits you, it is like lightning. It is the psychological flavor of the new. To reach this state, you have to follow the hunches of your heart. If you feel there is something you absolutely need to understand about a given situation in your retrospection that you cannot ignore, you have to follow that.

Many students look for an intellectual way of explaining meditation. This is good in the beginning, but a road block later for the aspirant. Meditation is learning how to use your consciousness, not your mind. My recommendation, however, is that you learn to observe yourself in meditation, since that is what it really is: a deepened state of self-remembrance. You might begin by analyzing your three brains, your reactions to impressions in the day, the nature of those impressions, etc. There are guidelines, or better said, principles, as Adnaley referenced from The Revolution of the Dialectic, but no checklist about how to go about meditation.

The following, however, might get you started in the right direction: concentrate your mind on that scene and your reactions until you grasp, comprehend or experience something new about that situation: it can be an image, a sound, a feeling (superior emotion), an idea (superior intellect) or might even be more abstract than that. What the process of meditation entails is seeking information. Right now, our minds are already filled with information, but it is subjective, mechanical and cluttered. Real insight is the magic of the consciousness, and it will hit you like an eureka moment. The next step after having this experience is not to get identified, but to keep inquiring with your consciousness about what your heart longs for you to know.
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    Thursday, March 01 2012, 04:34 AM - #permalink
    May I suggest to practice "BLUE TIME or REST THERAPEUTICS from the BOOK .,"THE REVOLUTION of the DIALECTIC"
    page 90,.,by Samael Aun Weor,.
    Really there is so much to comprehend in that book ,you can meditate on each topic in each Chapter.,
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    Thursday, March 01 2012, 04:43 PM - #permalink
    Thank you for that..:D
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