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I know that it is stated that Lucifer is the shadow of Christ. Is it that Jahve gave into the temptation of Lucifer and thus incarnated the shadow, rather than the Christ? I'm trying to put these two seemingly incongruent statements together.

This Javhe is the demon that tempted Jesus in the wilderness while saying “Itababo.” - Samael Aun Weor, The Aquarian Message

This is beautifully illustrated in the New Testament when Jesus is tempted, and he goes into the desert for forty days, related to Mem. Remember Mem is related to the number forty. When Jesus is in the wilderness, Lucifer appears, and here you see the beautiful dual nature of Christ; Jesus and Lucifer, Christos-Lucifer, they are one. And Lucifer tempts him, and Christ overcomes. - Gnostic Instructor, Lecture - Arcanum 15 (Transcription)

Thank you very much! :)

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Sunday, October 21 2012, 03:37 PM - #permalink
The first statement relates to an historical event, when Javhe (the boss of the Black Lodge) tempted Jesus of Nazareth (the boss of the White Lodge) while performing his mission (representing the role of Christ within the human being on this planet Earth).

The second is a Kabbalistic, esoteric illustration from the gospels that illustrates the way in which any initiate is tempted while walking on the path of the inner realization of their true Self.
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    Sunday, October 21 2012, 06:35 PM - #permalink
    Is Jahve not also an allegorical being though? Since Iod-Havah is a cosmic impersonal principle which must be developed through initiation. Isn't Jahve an impersonal representation of our fallen nature? How can Jahve be responsible for the fallen nature of whole Earth when clearly "I" am responsible for my fall. The only way this can be true, is if there is a capital and principle "I" which is directly responsible for the negative development of my entire legion. Earth being the philosophical Earth in which these inhabitants (Plural "I") go about serving the principle "I" (Jahve?). If I had to make an effort to identify my own Jahve, I would give him the name of Lust. Since we know that Christ is Love and Ieshuah is the embodiment of that as the head of the White Lodge. Then we can only conclude that since Lust is the antithesis of Love, then Jahve is the embodiment of that as the head of the Black Lodge.

    Does this make sense or am I just over complicating things?

    Blessings! :)
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