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( Date: 02.27.2017 6:30 am - 7:30 am )
Calendar: Spiritual Practices

On morning of the 27th day of every month, there is a special prayer you can do to receive help from the solar divinity.

"The practice that corresponds to this rune consists of going towards the Sun in the morning. In the moments of sunrise, adopt a mystical attitude, that is, lift the hands as shown by the rune. In this way, one implores unto it (the Sun, Christ) for esoteric help. This practice must be performed on the 27th of each month." —Samael Aun Weor, Magic of the Runes

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( Date: 02.19.2017 - 03.20.2017 )
Calendar: Astrology

piscesDuring the influence of Pisces from February 19 through March 20, perform this daily exercise in order to restore your spiritual abilities.

"In ancient times, the seven vowels of nature resounded in the entire human organism from head to toe, and it is now necessary to restore the seven notes in the marvelous harp of our organism, in order to restore the lost powers.

"During the sign of Pisces, we have to vocalize for one hour daily. 

"Seated in a comfortable armchair, we have to vocalize I. E.


( Date: 02.04.2017 )
Calendar: Holy Days

Just as we have small periods of time (months, seasons) in which nature changes and new influences come into dominance, there are also larger cycles about which humanity has yet to learn. Over centuries and aeons, there are celestial seasons.

On February 4–5, 1962, exactly when there was a new moon AND a full solar eclipse, there was also an extraordinary celestial conjunction of the seven primary planets with the Earth. The Sun, the Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn were all


( Date: 01.20.2017 - 02.18.2017 )
Calendar: Astrology

Aquarius governs the calves and ankles. The terrestrial and celestial forces meet in that part of our body, thus during Aquarius it is advantageous to consciously influence this meeting in the following manner.

While massaging the calves starting from the bottom and moving up, the disciple will pray like this:


“Energy, pass through! Energy, pass through! Penetrate my organism; current that comes from below, ascend and fuse with your sister, the current which comes from above, from


( Date: 01.06.2017 )
Calendar: Holy Days

01 icon of the mother god the sovereign cropped

Epiphany is an annual remembrance of how the divine force of life incarnates in a deserving human being, thereby becoming a representation of the Divine.

Every great religion symblizes this event in different ways. In Christianity, it is represented by the coming of the three magi (priest-kings) and by the baptism of Jesus.

"Epiphany is the manifestation, or the revelation, or the ascension of the Christ within us. According to Krumm-Heller, Dietrich the great theologian stated, “To attain that

( Date: 12.25.2016 )
Calendar: Holy Days

Krishna Abhishek

The word Christmas comes from "Christ-Mass," a celebration at the solar solstice of winter for the rebirth of the solar force in matter. That solar force is called Christ by Christians, but is known by other names in other traditions. Christ is not one individual. Christ is a cosmic principle that we must assimilate within our physical, psychic, somatic and spiritual nature.

"Among the Persians, Christ is Ormuz, Ahura Mazda, the terrible enemy of Ahriman (Satan), which we carry within us.


( Date: 12.22.2016 - 01.19.2017 )
Calendar: Astrology


During the influence of Capricorn, we harness the power of the earth to help us in our spiritual life. 

"Saturn is the planet of death and becomes exalted in Capricorn. This sign is symbolized by a small goat, as if to remind us of the goatskin, of the intellectual animals with goatskin, of the need to eliminate what is animal-like within us, the animal entities that we carry within... The magnetic currents that ascend from the Earth become divine afterwards. The magnetic currents that ascend from the


( Date: 11.23.2016 - 12.21.2016 )
Calendar: Astrology


During the influence of Sagittarius, we reflect upon the symbol of the centaur. 

"Sagittarius is symbolized by a centaur (half-man, half-horse) who holds an arrow in one hand. The horse represents the animal ego, the pluralized “I,” garbed with it’s lunar bodies... The hasnamuss is one half angel and one half beast, like the centaur of Sagittarius... The hasnamuss is an abortion of the Cosmic Mother, a failure. If the Gnostic student dissolves the lunar ego before the Second Birth, he is