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The purpose of meditation is to recover the ability to see illusions for what they are, and to see reality for what it is. Only in this way can we become liberated from suffering and find the purpose of our life. The root of our suffering is a profound ignorance about reality: like a blind person running down a dangerous path to chase a figment of the imagination, we chase after illusory images but cannot see where we are going or what is around us, thus we fall into pain again and again. When we comprehend the relationship between desire and pain, we can break the cycle of suffering. That comprehension emerges from observation and understanding of facts. Explains the three causes of suffering (ignorance, craving, aversion) and the universal trinity, also called trikaya: 1. Dharmakaya: truth / reality 2. Samboghakaya: compassion / wisdom 3. Nirmanakaya: intelligent action