Kabbalah 4: Seven Days of Genesis, a Free Online Course

Genesis The book of Genesis describes the creation of the world in seven days, but few realize their incredible spiritual importance, since Genesis is a book of Kabbalah, encoded for those who are educated to penetrate its meaning.

This is the fourth course in the series on the Kabbalah, and provides an outline of the path towards the ultimate levels of spirituality, as symbolized by Moses in the book of Genesis.

This advanced course is best studied after one has a good foundation in Kabbalah.

Quote of the Moment

"Erase from your mind the idea of the twelve historical apostles. Search for them inside of yourself. They are there! Everything is inside us here and now! The time has come for a more esoteric, pure, real Christianity. It is time to leave the merely historic account, and come to the reality of the facts."

- Samael Aun Weor, Christ and the Virgin

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