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1. You are now descending little by little, sibling of mine, through the interior of your temple, from the tower to the heart.

2. You are seated at the window of the base of your tower.

3. You are in the interior of your temple, sibling of mine, and you descend little by little from the cupola to the sacred sanctuary of your heart.

4. The profundity of the floor of the temple is seen from the height of the internal window...

5. The height causes vertigo, sibling of mine...

6. Woe to the arhat who does not know how to control the vertigo of height, because he will fall into the abyss...

7. Whosoever has understanding, let him understand, and whosoever has ears, let him hear what I am saying to the arhats.

8. You are very high, oh arhat! An ineffable chorus rises up to your window, from the profundities of your sanctuary.

9. The masters delectably sing in a sacred language...

10. Persevere, oh arhat, be cautious, be prudent and do not become conceited with the vertigo of heights.

11. Be humble, sibling of mine, be perfect, as your Father who is in heaven is perfect.

12. Enter your sixth chamber, sibling of mine.

13. This chamber is formed by crossing halls.

14. This chamber belongs to the Sixth Arcanum of the Tarot: The Lovers.

15. Do you remember your errors?

16. Do you remember, sibling of mine, the tenebrous epochs of your life, when you were experiencing in yourself the Sixth Arcanum of the Tarot?

17. Do you remember the times when you were wandering along the crooked ways of Adultery and Fornication?

18. Enter now, sibling of mine, into this chamber illuminated by the light of your candlestick.

19. Receive your painful memories with patience... Receive your warnings with patience.

20. Receive your feast, oh arhat!