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1. The igneous way that leads from the middlebrow to the heart is governed by an atomic God of infinite power.

2. Advance with firm steps towards the second chamber of this ardent way, oh arhat!

3. Fine temptations pursue you...

4. Liquors and pleasures are offered to you, which appear unavoidable.

5. The great monster of jealousy subtly assaults you in the world of flames.

6. Advance, arhat! Remain alert and vigilant like the watchman in the time of war.

7. This ardent way that leads from the middlebrow to the heart is very narrow and very difficult and it is filled with very subtle temptations.

8. The most dangerous matter is the painful past of your life that is mixed with subtle temptations.

9. You must remain firm against those subtle dangers...

10. The more fine a temptation, the more dangerous it is.

11. During these ordeals, you must demonstrate complete equilibrium of the mind and heart.

12. You approach the second chamber of the igneous way that leads from the middlebrow to the heart.

13. My child, you have triumphed over the ordeals.

14. A group of angels joyfully celebrate your victory...

15. You have gained the right to enter Nirvana.

16. You have gained the right to enter the cavalry of the army of Heaven.

17. Enter your chamber, my child, in order to celebrate your feast. You are a Nirvani.

18. You have entered the ineffable joy of Nirvana and all the divine hierarchies are filled with happiness because of your triumph.

19. You are now a blessed one.