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1. The elemental of this tree has marvelously flaming igneous powers.

2. The doors of the cosmic temples are made of cedar wood.

3. The cedar is intimately related with the blazing flames of our spinal column.

4. The devas who govern the elementals of the cedar of the forest have the power to open the incandescent door of our Sushumna channel.

5. This channel is like a small, subterranean passage with its thirty-three blazing chambers of our sacred medulla, where the flames spark within the great crackling of the blazing universal fire.

6. The entrance of this incandescent passage is Innermostly related with the life of the cedars of the forest.

7. We advise our disciples to lie down on a sheet of cedar.

8. The back of our body must be bare in order for the spinal column to be in direct contact with the cedar wood.

9. The elemental of this tree is clothed with a white tunic and a white mantle.

10. The elemental of the cedar has the power to make us invisible before our enemies.

11. The elemental of this tree permits us to prophesy events of the future.

12. The cedars of Lebanon served in order to construct the doors of the temple of Jerusalem.

13. On holy Thursdays and Fridays, the cedars of the forest communicate amongst themselves with mournful sounds that resound in isolated areas of the mountains.

14. The scepter of the patriarchs is made of cedar.

15. When meditating on the cedar, the panorama of future events is revealed before our internal sight. We can then prophesy.

16. When begging the elemental of the cedar to make us invisible, he grants us our petition and thus we remain invisible to the sight of our enemies.

17. The inferior orifice of our spinal medulla is the door of our ardent furnace.

18. The guardian of this door is the angel who governs all the elementals of the cedars.

19. All the doors of the temples are made with the wood of the cedar. “Open thy doors, O Lebanon, that the fire may devour thy cedars.” —Zechariah 11:1

20. This is why the door entering into the Sushumna channel is governed by the regent angel of the elementals of the cedars of the forest.