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Live Lecture Time Change

Beginning September 8, 2012, the live lectures hosted on Gnostic Radio will move to a new time. 

  • UTC (GMT) 17:00
  • USA PDT 10:00am
  • USA MDT 11:00am
  • USA CDT 12:00pm
  • USA EDT 1:00pm
  • UK BST 6:00pm
  • FR CEST 7:00pm

You can stay informed about the live lectures and even add them to your personal calendar by using our Events calendar

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Guest Monday, 27 April 2015

Quote of the Moment

"People believe that love is only to perpetuate the species. People believe that love is only vulgarity, carnal pleasure, violent desire, satisfaction, etc. Only the person who can see beyond these animal passions, only the person who renounces this type of animal psychology can discover in other worlds and dimensions the grandeur and majesty of that which is called love. People sleep profoundly. People live sleeping and dream about love, but they have not awakened themselves to love. They sing about love and believe that love is that which they dream about. When a human being awakens to love, he makes himself conscious of love and recognizes that he was dreaming. Then and only then does he discover the true meaning of love. Only then does he discover that which before he only dreamed of. Only then does he come to know that which is called love. This awakening is similar to that of the man who, being far away from the physical body in the Astral Body, realizes that he has awakened consciousness."

- Samael Aun Weor, The Perfect Matrimony

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